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Greetings dear travelers!! I hope you enjoyed the world of Mystics & Masters, their teachings of transcendental knowledge & wisdom, the hope for the suffering humanity & the pitiable plight of the soul in the land of Kaal. With their blessings & grace we who are trapped in the world of illusion can return back to our home land, our eternal abode, in the lap of our Supreme Father. Though the teachings can be summed up in a few words, ‘There is one supreme creator, the saints & masters are his messengers, they bring his eternal message of liberation to us, by giving us naam or initiation they connect us to that divine melody, that divine creative power within & with its help we can return home to our Father with the help of our living Master’, its application & achievement of the goal is far more difficult than it sounds.

As a student of Santmat I always love reading about these mystics & masters. There words give me strength, their vision changes my perspective towards life, their mystical teachings gives me purpose & direction & their amazing revelations of eternal worlds beyond our physical universe gives my inner navigator, a hope for exploration & adventure. Oh! how wonderful are their claims & how deep the mysteries of the universe go. What is more important than knowing for a fact that yes there lies a hidden world, a world of magic, mystery & wonders, a world where everything is not only possible but beyond our wildest imagination, a world of light & love, a world which belongs to us, yet we do not know of its existence, a world which calls to us with a sweet melody from the beyond which rings within us. I’m sure that every neophyte on the path feels this awe & wonder when he or she reads about the amazing entities who dwell among us. This gave me the inspiration to make this website so that every traveler like me can enjoy the teachings of the masters & get motivated towards their inner journey.

This effort it dedicated to my Satguru, my beloved master who is the divine light of the Supreme reality showering his blessings on us. Without the master no one can cross the ocean of illusion. This fact becomes apparent when one goes within. All our knowledge cannot lead us to the realms within, a traveler cannot complete his journey without the help of a guide. Those who are lucky to find such a guide are indeed blessed souls & they must not waste even a single moment. Every action, every act of their day to day life must be focused on achieving their goal & completing their inner journey.


I hope this website inspires you for your own journey, gives you strength & patience to travel on the path, brings you closer to your own master & fills your heart with gratitude towards the masters for their mercy on us. This website will be updated from time to time & new mystics & their amazing teachings will be available for the reader to enjoy & get inspired from. I thank you for reading & may the force be with you.

You can also write to me at wayofmystics@gmail.com

Peace to all.