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ੴ dinesh
About Me

ੴ Ankush Deep ੴ
About Me

Expectation reduces joy,

No Expectation - More Joy  :)

About Me

To enjoy life in a spiritual way with love, peace and happiness.

I am a tiny part of the Supreme Being. He who is always within us, but we can't always see. Only if we would open ourselves for His Love and pay full attention and concentration inside ourselves, we might someday be able to see His Beautiful Appearance!

A Traveler
About Me

You can never know the deepest levels of my being. But still all I can say is I'm a traveler on my way home. I take this life as a journey. I never take anything too seriously that it hurts me or affects me because I know I'll leave this earth plane one day so why bother right :-) My philosophy in life is to have none just be like water it can adapt to anything, it cannot be destroyed, you cannot cut it with a sword & when the time comes it receives heat from the sun, leaves all the dirt & rises back to it's abode in the skies where it came from. Here's a limerick by the famous scientist George Gamow which I like very much & I guess describes a part of my personality. There was a young fellow from trinity Who took the square root of infinity But the number of digits Gave him the fidgits; He dropped math and took up divinity.

Abdul Fattah


30 years old

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Charles Power
60 years old

Christopher Dailey
About Me

35 years old
About Me

Dolphin Dance
About Me

54 years old
About Me

The word Acme come to in meditation  to day- and so the web come.:roll:

Faisal Nazir Bhatti
About Me

A little and a little, collected together, becomes a great deal; the heap in the barn consists of single grains, and drop and drop make the inundation.


Faqir AlamM
25 years old
About Me

Official Representative Of www.ahlesunnah-wal-jama.webs.com/

47 years old
About Me

a student of Astrology and on the Path of the Masters to know Self....

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36 years old
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Isaac Aikoroje
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Jimmy Williams
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